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Finance Updates


Welcome to our Finance Updates page! Here we will place all the current updates. More coming soon!

Spring 2024 Updates:

*Requisitions for Student Orgs are due no later than June 7th, 2024 at 5pm.

Hello Highlanders, 

I hope you're having a wonderful week 1. I wanted to inform you all that ASUCR will ONLY be hosting finance meetings up to week 5. These finance hearings will be available only for grants. Please keep track of this as there will be no extensions. 

In addition, The last day to turn in your requisitions is the first Friday of June (June 7th). Please mark these dates on your calendar.

*The first finance meeting will take place on Tuesdays from 1-2pm, starting in week 2.

These finance hearings up to week 5 will be available only for grants. This Friday, April 26, 2024 will be the last day to sign up for any grants.


Winter 2024 Updates:

*Please note March 28th will be the final day to submit reimbursement or POs for any apparel through general allocations.

Hello Highlanders!

ASUCR Allocation request MUST be submitted by the end of Week 8 Winter quarter. No Clubs and Organizations will be able to apply for ASUCR allocations in the Spring.

March 6th is the last finance hearing for winter quarter and 2023-2024.

March 28th is the last day to reimburse Org t-shirts.

Spring quarter t-shirts are only for grants specifically for said event.


Fall 2023 Update:

Hello Highlanders!

Effective Fall 2023 the Early Academic Outreach Student Initiated Programs grant funding is now under the Center for Educational and Community Outreach Programs (CECOP).  Please direct all of your inquiries to Alicia Hernandez. You can find her contact info below.

Alicia Hernandez 

Executive Director

Center for Educational and Community Outreach Programs (CECOP)

University of California, Riverside

Phone: (951) 827-5645 | Email: