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What is Student Voice?

Student Voice is an independent third party of ASUCR that influences the student government to follow the desires of its electorates. A major part of this includes collecting intel from students on campus issues & areas of improvement. They sponsor faster and more effective action from ASUCR as well as campus administration. They make sure the voices of students are heard.

Who is a part of Student Voice?

Student Voice is made up of non-elected community members at large, and is comprised of delegate positions, a Board of Directors, and a Chairperson.

Am I charged for the services of Student Voice?

Although you see a Student Voice fee on your bill, that fee goes to the Vice President of the External Affairs for external campus advocacy, and not “Student Voice” related initiatives. We receive our funding from the Finance Committee under ASUCR.

How can I get involved with Student Voice?

Keep a look out on your email as we will be recruiting for next year’s team. Just by sharing your thoughts on our school and lending us your support means the world to us. Together we can continue to push the barrier of serving our student’s interests. Also, feel free to email our Personnel Director expressing your interest. (

Do you have a social media page?

Yes, please follow us on Instagram @studentvoiceucr

Where can I find your past research and findings?

You can see all our infographics on the ASUCR website and may request it from any of our team members.

Is Student Voice compensated for their work?

No, Student Voice is comprised of individuals who simply want your student government to be more efficient and effective. They volunteer their time and donate it to supporting students’ welfare.