History of the Student Voice Committee

Student Voice began as a Committee that was created to influence the student government and help make it more effective and efficient by using student research. With his previous background of working with campus administration in making change in the Residence Halls, Jeffrey Ramos was selected to lead this group. After a period of selection and vetting, the core of the team was formed by adding Malcolm Tran, Mirella Rodriguez, and Denis Turan.

The team would start full steam ahead by figuring how to accurately determine the opinion of students, with statistics mastermind Mirella Rodriguez creating a sampling plan to do so, creating the culture of their team, and beginning to perform their research. Some of their early research includes student opinion of the evergreen pear trees, the availability of library hours, and the beautification of campus.

Student Voice would go on to present their findings to the ASUCR senate, where they were met with much enthusiasm and support, “I would love, next year to work with you all even further, and … any resources you need or anything you need we would be happy to provide. I think this is going to be an integral part of ASUCR” Aram Ayrapetyan, CHASS Senator and President Elect. The senate would also ask Student Voice to expand their capabilities and responsibilities.

To meet these request, Student Voice decided that they would have to expand as a team by bringing on additional members in the form of the Delegate position. After an extensive selection process, delegates were selected and oriented to the team by the original members who took upon leadership roles organized in a Board of Directors. From their small beginnings, Student Voice is now able to meet with over 100 students every week, table at Nooners, put on events, and follow up with campus administration to bring improvements to the student experience.




We, the undergraduate students of the Riverside campus of the University of California, bestow governing authority to the Associated Students of the University of California at Riverside, an independent, student-directed, unincorporated, directly elected, three-branch student government, in order to set forth the ideals herein: to supplement and complement formal and informal education on this University of California campus; to propagate the general well-being of undergraduates; to fairly represent student interests, needs and welfare within the University community; to represent and articulate our rights to a voice in campus governance by fostering recognition of the rights of students and providing a forum to articulate and represent the views and interests of students; to recognize, represent, and support the diversity of needs and views of students at the University; to provide for the expression of student opinion and interests to the community at large on issues affecting student life; to provide services and coordinate activities for students, while advancing our common interests and concerns as students and as citizens; and, in pursuit of these ideals, through independent action and in concert with other constituencies of the university community, we hereby adopt this Constitution as the primary document governing the Associated Students of the University of California at Riverside.