In ASUCR, the Executive Branch is also known as the ‘Executive Cabinet’. The Executive Cabinet is a representative body composed of five Executive Officers and six non-voting Directors. These officers and directors are elected by the student body At-Large. 

Luis Huerta

Luis Huerta

ASUCR President 2020-2021

ASUCR VP of External Affairs 2019-2020


Natalie Hernandez

Natalie Hernandez




Angelica Garica





Vincent Rasso



William Wang



Vanessa Gomez-Alvarado




Ian Chew 


Ramses Cuadros

Ramses Cuadros


Elections Director

Sean Nguyen

Hello Highlanders! The Elections Director is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the ASUCR General Election which elects the undergraduate student government officials who will serve you for the upcoming academic year.  This includes all internal processes such as candidate recruitment and training, ballot development, campaigning oversight, and marketing.  The Elections Director is also responsible for being well-versed in the Elections Code (Bylaw Chapter 7), to ensure the integrity of the elections. If you are interested in filing for candidacy, please watch for email announcements during Fall and Winter quarters.