Meeting Requirements

Requirements to be reimbursed for food for meetings:

  • You must use a UCR approved Caterer that is NOT expired.
  • The meeting must occur on campus.  
  • You must complete the ASUCR Funded Food for Meetings Form and attach it to the requisition.  There is a space for your attendees to sign on the form so be sure to have it with you at the meeting.
  • An ORIGINAL (no duplicates) DETAILED receipt MUST be attached to the requisition taped to a separate sheet of paper.  The receipt must show proof of payment or else a bank statement should be attached showing proof of payment.  There cannot be any alcohol listed on the receipt - NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • ASUCR will not accept receipts for groceries of any kind (including Costco receipts) using ASUCR allocated funds.
  • UCR Procurement Services maintains the list of pre-qualified caterers below. ONLY pre-qualified caterers from this list may be used to furnish on-campus catering to UCR staff and students. If you are interested in adding a new vendor to this list, please contact Matt Burke at (951) 827-3095 (or campus ext. 2-3095)



Approved Caterers

Includes any Campus Restaurants




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